The Few, the Drunk,

The Schneckt

Who We Are

Schneckt is a Faction Warfare corporation fighting for the Minmatar Militia in The Bleak Lands, Devoid, and Metropolis.

What We Offer

Schneckt offers a number of services to its pilots to keep them shipped up and fighting the good fight.

Who We Are

JevinsCherries Akiga


JevinsCherries Akiga has spent most of his time engaging in solo PvP and FCing fleets in Faction Warfare. Jevins has experience with exploration, wormhole navigation, POS management, and combat missioning.

    TnT Tivianne


    TnT Tivianne has invested a considerable amount of time in manufacturing, invention, and research. TnT also has experience in market manipulation, wormhole logistics, and PvP.

      Viktoriya Choms


      Viktoriya Choms has been essential to the growth of Schneckt through tireless recruitment campaigns and involvement in onboarding. VC comes from a storied background of long-term wormhole settlement, capital production, and logistics command.

        Arya Mieyli


        Arya Mieyli has continued to improve the day-to-day operation of Schneckt both as a fleet commander and as a committed hauler. Arya has been a member of Schneckt since he started EvE and enjoys solo PvP in his trusty Slicer.

          Schneckt is a Minmatar faction warfare corporation that specializes in evolving newbros into fun, experienced pilots. Experienced in the lowsec lifestyle, from piracy to wormholes, we are looking to share that knowledge with new players of EVE.

          An average night in Schneckt is having a few drinks and cruising the regions of The Bleak Lands and Devoid in search of any neutrals or war targets that might brawl. Our fleets run primarily in the EU and US time zones, with small gang activity in the AU. There are required doctrines to train, but you’ll have the time to train them if you aren’t quite there yet.

          What We Offer


          • Guidance from Schneckt veterans
          • Hands-on fleet experience
          • Opportunities to learn to FC your own fleets
          • Grow with your EvE peers without pressure


          • Nightly Hauling Service
          • LP Buyout to make LP exchange a breeze
          • Ship Replacement Program
          • Out-of-Game Communication
          • Daily Small Gang Roams


          • Mentorship for newbros
          • FC Opportunities (Small Gang, Fleet, Black Ops)
          • Strategic influence in warzone operations
          • More Exotic Dancers than you know what to do with

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